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At First Baptist, we value the energy of younger people. Their fresh ideas enliven us. Their questions press us. Their idealism challenges us.

At First Baptist, we highly esteem older adults. Their wisdom guides us.  Their experience grounds us. Their faith stirs hope in us.

Oh, sometimes the older adults don’t understand younger people, and the younger people wonder why the older adults have to question everything.  But one thing we know: we wouldn’t want to try to be a church family without one another.

Would you really want to be part of a church where a child never ran in the hall, where a crying baby never interrupted worship, or where a teenager never sang music that really annoys you?  Do you really want a church without people who have been on this faith journey longer than you have been alive, without grandparents who love and support you whether you belong to them or not? 

We’ve chosen the challenge of a cross-generational church.  If we really are to be a family, a body, or a community, we think that requires people of all generations coming together in faithful unity.


Last Updated: 04/08/2019   
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